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Southern Green



Jon uses:

* Amps: Quilter & Fender 21

* Guitars: Voodoo Saloon Custom, Fender Telecasters, G&L

* Effects: Tech 21, Visual Sound, BOSS, Dunlop, DOD

* Other: Rocky Mountain Slide Co. slides

**Jon is endorsed by Tech 21, Rocky Mtn Slide Co and Switch guitars.

**Jon is the "man behind" Voodoo Saloon Custom guitars - Email for more details.


Jason uses:

* Amps: Dr. Z Stingray, Morgan DAG15  

* Guitars: Crook & Fender Telecasters w/Lindy Fralin pickups, Peavey Wolfgang & Taylor Acoustic

* Effects: Wampler, JHS, XTS, Budda, BBE, TC Electronics, Digitech - Other, random, custom pedals

* Other: Rocky Mountain Slide Co. slides, Shure Wireless.


Chuck uses:

* Amps: Marshall & Ampeg bass amps and cabinets

* Guitar: Fender P-Bass 5 string


Darren uses:

* Drums